Things I say in my sleep.

Today TheDailyPost’s daily prompt is “talking in your sleep”. To be honest I didn’t even read the actual article – just the title sparked my interest for a fun series (fun for me – probably creepy and boring for most readers).

I sleep talk like crazy – as in every single night. I’ve been told by at least 3 or 4 people that I tend to ask a question and pause for the response before continuing on the conversation. About two years ago I started using a sleep talk recorder on my phone or iPod and while most of what I say is a string of words that don’t make sense or too mumbled to make out – some recordings are just plain hilarious.

I’ll share some of my favourites off the top of my head today and new funny ones as they come up on random nights that I decide to record.

Maybe we should wear pants, just incase. 

This occurred one of the first nights I slept with my current boyfriend… Not too sure what I could have been getting at.

Hoooooold me

Followed by waking up very angry when my bf obliged and woke me up by wrapping his arms around me – lots of sleepy confusion there. 

Just one more funny one for today – my all time favourite

The easier they are to find, the closer you keep them by your side.

Deep and proverbial right? Have fun interpreting that – I even googled it to see if it was some lyric or something I heard subconsciously but no, it’s my own ramblings.. If anyone has an idea what it might mean please let me know! 


What are some of the funniest things you or your bed/room mates have said in your sleep? I’d love to have a laugh at them!


8 thoughts on “Things I say in my sleep.

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  5. I lie awake some nights when my boyfriend stays over just to hear him mutter away in his sleep. He’s ranted at friends who can’t jump start cars and muttered on about not liking Thomas the Tank when (in a dream) a friend forced him to get a tattoo.
    I have him beat on one count though. I dreamed my housemate was really annoying me so I went to elbow him in the ribs, my boyfriend had woken to me talking in my sleep and so rolled over to check I was alright.
    I ended up waking to him spluttering for breath after I had elbowed him in the throat.
    It seems neither of us are exactly safe sleepers.

    • Hahaha too great! I’ve woken myself up kicking the wall a few times.. Only a matter of time before a person is the victim instead. Sleep stories are hilarious.

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