Some nerdy excitement.

Ah. Beyond pumped. 

Today I start volunteering in a neuropathology research lab at my university. The prof I’ll be working under is interested in electroregulation of stress hormones in electric fish. Does that put you to sleep, cause it makes me feel electrically charged. heh bad pun. Anyway – I applied for a job in this lab for the coming summer and while it’s rare that a second year student will get the job even just volunteering could be a major thing towards a career. 

I plan to complete an honours degree which essentially means I’ll have to do a large research project in my fourth year which will preferably relate to neuroscience in some way as those are the masters/phd programs I intend to apply for. For that research project I need a thesis advisor in my area of interest (hello – this researcher!) making ties with her before the end of my second year (SECOND) is a huge step ahead.

Just another thing I love about my small university – never would have made this connection at a large institution.

Wish me luck – and put yourself out there. Talking to professors in your field of interest, even if you haven’t taken their classes can lead to humongous opportunities.


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