Pressure – daily prompt

Today’s prompt is all about pressure – and man can I feel it.

In just over a month I will be halfway finished my undergrad degree – time flies. Until then I’m – as per typical at the end of a semester – totally swamped. Does anyone else notice that Uni is just alternating weeks of either a ton of assignments/test piled into the same week (or day) and weeks that are so calm you don’t feel enough panic to get much done (a lot less of the latter unfortunately)?

This system screws me. I work well under pressure. I need that pressure of knowing it’s going to be a crazy week, or that the deadline is fast approaching in order to commit myself to getting stuff done. Knowing I have lots of time is my worst enemy. So when I have a week with no big deadlines or tests followed by one that’s jam packed you can bet I don’t really get much done till it’s pull-your-hair-out busy and I’m staying up late and being all zombie-ish trying to cram last minute.

To overcome this as much as I can I set fake due dates for myself – a week or two before in extreme cases. If I know for example that I have two midterms and a paper due on the same day (how sad is it that this has happened enough for me to use it as an example) I’ll write two due dates for the paper in my planner – the actual due date and one earlier, in a week that isn’t quite so jam packed. I do my darndest to stick to these fake dates and it seems to help, for me anyway.

How do you cope with weeks of nothing then weeks of serious stress? Do you work better under pressure?