Friday’s for Favourites

Who’s favourite day of the week isn’t Friday, I’d like to know?

Okay so I’m sure lotsa people’s favourite day isn’t Friday.. But unless you have a terrible weekend job or are totally insane and like school days better than weekends, if you’re a student like me – Fridays rock.

So here at Sticky Notes and Coffee I’ve decided Friday will be for favourites.

This weeks favourite category is pens.

Maybe that’s lame, but I spend a lot of time writing, my pen is important!

Frixion clickers are my recent favourite
Frixion Clickers



These things are great for note taking, love all the colours and the fact that I can write as fast as a pen allows and as neat as pencil, because they’re erasable!

I don’t write tests with them because since they erase with friction I’m nervous pages rubbing together with erase some answers but for note taking and filling in my planner, these babies are ideal!

I strongly recommend the .5 clickers, the .7’s bleed a bit and don’t erase as cleanly. Another slight issue is that they do run out of ink relatively quick – but maybe it’s just because I use them so much. ┬áIf you’re looking for the perfect note taking pen these are it – I promise.