March Goals

Little late jumping in to this link-up but I want to have something to build off for next month.

Monthly Goals

I don’t have February goals to review so i’ll just jump into what I really want to work on for next month. Which is April, holy holy where does time go?!?

  1. Stop eating desert with every cafeteria meal. Seriously. Stop that.
  2. Be more organized – like file folders and clothes not all over the floor organized.
  3. Stop wasting so much time. I want to start doing what I sit down to do instead of spending a half hour cruising social media before buckling down.
  4. Have fun. This should always be a goal – experiences are everything.
  5. Write more down, I always plan to take notes of everyday thoughts and memories but never stay committed.
  6. Forge relationships with the other students in my research lab.
  7. Do well on my Philosophy paper – this is an area of difficulty for me but I know if I take the time I can do well.
  8. Be more confident and forward on my trip with the Biology Society – I need to reach out more to make friends.
  9. Be nicer to my bf. The guy is so great and puts up with so much from me. I have to stop taking stress out on him and being snippy.

And those are my goals for March. Hope I can make a difference.

What are your goals this month?