March Goals

Little late jumping in to this link-up but I want to have something to build off for next month.

Monthly Goals

I don’t have February goals to review so i’ll just jump into what I really want to work on for next month. Which is April, holy holy where does time go?!?

  1. Stop eating desert with every cafeteria meal. Seriously. Stop that.
  2. Be more organized – like file folders and clothes not all over the floor organized.
  3. Stop wasting so much time. I want to start doing what I sit down to do instead of spending a half hour cruising social media before buckling down.
  4. Have fun. This should always be a goal – experiences are everything.
  5. Write more down, I always plan to take notes of everyday thoughts and memories but never stay committed.
  6. Forge relationships with the other students in my research lab.
  7. Do well on my Philosophy paper – this is an area of difficulty for me but I know if I take the time I can do well.
  8. Be more confident and forward on my trip with the Biology Society – I need to reach out more to make friends.
  9. Be nicer to my bf. The guy is so great and puts up with so much from me. I have to stop taking stress out on him and being snippy.

And those are my goals for March. Hope I can make a difference.

What are your goals this month?


Pressure – daily prompt

Today’s prompt is all about pressure – and man can I feel it.

In just over a month I will be halfway finished my undergrad degree – time flies. Until then I’m – as per typical at the end of a semester – totally swamped. Does anyone else notice that Uni is just alternating weeks of either a ton of assignments/test piled into the same week (or day) and weeks that are so calm you don’t feel enough panic to get much done (a lot less of the latter unfortunately)?

This system screws me. I work well under pressure. I need that pressure of knowing it’s going to be a crazy week, or that the deadline is fast approaching in order to commit myself to getting stuff done. Knowing I have lots of time is my worst enemy. So when I have a week with no big deadlines or tests followed by one that’s jam packed you can bet I don’t really get much done till it’s pull-your-hair-out busy and I’m staying up late and being all zombie-ish trying to cram last minute.

To overcome this as much as I can I set fake due dates for myself – a week or two before in extreme cases. If I know for example that I have two midterms and a paper due on the same day (how sad is it that this has happened enough for me to use it as an example) I’ll write two due dates for the paper in my planner – the actual due date and one earlier, in a week that isn’t quite so jam packed. I do my darndest to stick to these fake dates and it seems to help, for me anyway.

How do you cope with weeks of nothing then weeks of serious stress? Do you work better under pressure?

Friday’s for Favourites

Who’s favourite day of the week isn’t Friday, I’d like to know?

Okay so I’m sure lotsa people’s favourite day isn’t Friday.. But unless you have a terrible weekend job or are totally insane and like school days better than weekends, if you’re a student like me – Fridays rock.

So here at Sticky Notes and Coffee I’ve decided Friday will be for favourites.

This weeks favourite category is pens.

Maybe that’s lame, but I spend a lot of time writing, my pen is important!

Frixion clickers are my recent favourite
Frixion Clickers



These things are great for note taking, love all the colours and the fact that I can write as fast as a pen allows and as neat as pencil, because they’re erasable!

I don’t write tests with them because since they erase with friction I’m nervous pages rubbing together with erase some answers but for note taking and filling in my planner, these babies are ideal!

I strongly recommend the .5 clickers, the .7’s bleed a bit and don’t erase as cleanly. Another slight issue is that they do run out of ink relatively quick – but maybe it’s just because I use them so much.  If you’re looking for the perfect note taking pen these are it – I promise.

Skip class and get As!

I’m almost done my second year of undergrad.. that’s about half way you guys. Time flies, especially when it’s jam-packed with all that comes from college/university – i.e. the papers, middies, exams and – ahem – parties.

I’m sure you’ve seen some version of the following:

& sadly to some extent this is just too true. Luckily there are ways you can manage your time to pick from all three circles. One of them is strategically skipping class – emphasis on the strategically part.

First things first: you are paying for the classes I’m about to tell you to skip. Keep that in mind. For instance I pay about $600 for a 30 credit hour course – that’s $20 for an hour of class time.

However, you’re paying for your education – and sometimes, unfortunately, those few hours a week in class aren’t the most educational use of your time. You’re also probably striving toward a good GPA too, and that requires some time juggling.

Here’s my advice from four semesters of class skipping and 4.0 earning:

Go to the first couple weeks of classes:

  • Go on syllabus day. Lots don’t because they think that half hour class is a waste of the last hours of summer but the short first class of a semester is important. Syllabi hold most of what you need to know for the semester – reading assignments and important dates are essential to have early if you intend to not be in class all the time.
  • Find out which courses have an attendance policy or participation grade and how the professor grades this – some use random quizzes but throw away a few lowest scores (so you can afford a couple missed), some like to hear you talk – in that case you can skip some classes and be vocal when you are there.
  • Find out how the prof teaches – do they lecture and expect you to get every little detail or put all the notes online for your to access? There are profs that teach all along this spectrum and where they fit greatly determines how often you can skip their class.
  • Biggest questions: do you learn more in class from the professor than you could at home on your own time? Are you interested in the material enough that you’ll teach yourself what you missed when you skip? Answers to these determine what classes you can and can’t skip.
Have friends in as many classes as possible:
  • Chances are you know a few people in your program, do your best to find someone in each class that you know you can rely on for missed notes or important things, just make sure you pay them back. No one is going to give you great notes if you don’t repay the favour.
 Plan when to skip and use your time wisely
  • Once you know how often you can skip a given class you have to think of the most opportune times to do it. Try to only skip when it really is more beneficial to get another hour or so to sleep, or study, or shop (it happens!) than it is to be in that class
Moral of the story: You CAN skip class and still do well. My first semester I skipped nothing, I was too afraid of being a bad student or pissing my profs off. But if you use your common sense skipping class can even raise your GPA. I know some of my best library study sessions have been during a skipped class – the pressure of wanting to be more productive than I would be sitting in class keeps me motivated.